SL Delivers Major Tool System to support Darlington NGS Refurbishment

View as pdf January 19, Hamilton, Ontario This month, Stern Laboratories delivered twelve crates of parts to the Darlington Nuclear Generating Station.  The crates contained a complete ICFD Removal Tool System, and will be used to help safely refurbish Darlington’s unit 2 reactor.  The delivery was the culmination of a year-long contract with ES Fox. The ICFD Removal Tool System, ...

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High Temperature Bundle Transient Sag

View as pdf In the event of a Loss of Emergency Coolant (LOEC) event, CANDU fuel bundles may be subjected to very low steam flow conditions, resulting in a large temperature rise due to the exothermic zirconium-water chemical reaction which occurs between the fuel sheath and the steam. To understand the behaviour of the fuel and its ability to be ...

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Bruce Power reaches historic agreement with IESO

Stern Laboratories welcomes the announcement that the Province of Ontario (via the IESO) and Bruce Power have reached an agreement for the supply and purchase of environmentally friendly nuclear energy.  This is a key step in securing the economic viability of business in Ontario and providing residential customers with cost-effective power. The agreement allows Bruce Power to continue investing private ...

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