Stern Labs delivers 25 ton lead shielded Flask and Cart to Bruce Power

December 2020, When Bruce Power needed to fabricate a shielded flask for their Moderator Purification System Filters, they trusted Stern Laboratories to deliver.  Leveraging our 15+ year experience building custom shielded containers for radioactive equipment, Stern Laboratories ensured that the flask was welded, lead filled, and tested to the highest standards of quality and shielding integrity.

In addition, Stern Laboratories designed and built a custom transport cart to move the 25 ton load, while also meeting Bruce Power’s challenging specifications for size, stability, floor loading, and structural code compliance.

Stern Laboratories is proud to serve our customers in the nuclear industry. We have the skills and experience you can trust.   If you have a requirement for shielded flasks, carts, or any other custom engineered solution, contact us at or ContactUs@sternlab.com0

Pictured above: Brendan Simons (Development Manager), Rob Martinez (Laboratory Supervisor)

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