Stern Labs Delivers Shielded Flasks and Canisters to Bruce Power as Part of the ICFD Removal Tool System

Earlier this year, Bruce Power trusted Stern Laboratories to fabricate, test, and deliver 11 Shielded Flasks and Canister Stacks; both fundamental components of the ICFD Removal Tool System. Stern was able to deliver the required equipment within tight schedule constraints while ensuring the highest standards of quality and performance. The welding, lead filling and testing of components required the expertise and skillset that Stern Laboratories is recognized for and have demonstrated over years of experience as an integral supplier to the Canadian nuclear industry.

The ICFD Removal Tool System, also known as the Chopper Tool, is a system designed and fabricated by Stern Laboratories for removing irradiated Single Individually Replaceable (SIR) In-Core Flux Detectors (ICFDs) from a CANDU reactor. These detectors are radioactive, and replacing them safely and quickly within the tight confines of the reactor’s containment system presents a difficult challenge for the refurbishment team.  The Stern Labs Chopper Tool operates remotely to pull detectors out of the core, reduce their volume, and transport them safely to a shielded Canister, all done with portable equipment that can be carried into place by two operators.

The system is ultimately a key component involved in safely refurbishing the Bruce Power fleet of CANDU reactors as part of the Major Component Replacement (MCR) project. This life extension work will add about 30 to 35 years of operational life to each reactor, allowing for the continued delivery of reliable, low-cost, and clean electricity to people and businesses across Ontario.

Stern Laboratories is a proud supporter of CANDU technology and looks forward to contributing to the continued success of the nuclear industry in Ontario and internationally. We have the skills and experience you can trust.  If you have a requirement for shielded flasks or any other custom engineered solution, contact us at or

Shielded Flasks and Canisters (1)

Pictured Above: Shielded Flasks for delivery to Bruce Power

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