Ontario Energy Minister Todd Smith Visits Stern Laboratories

On October 1st, 2021 Stern Laboratories was pleased to host the Ontario Energy Minister, Todd Smith and staff on a facility tour to showcase the important services the small private company provide to support the operation and on-going refurbishments at both Bruce Power and Ontario Power Generation nuclear stations. The tour highlighted the high-quality products and services Stern Laboratories provides to the local nuclear industry such as flow meter calibrations, flux detector removal tooling and flasks, and remote nuclear fuel handling equipment. In addition, experimental hardware and facilities, such as the Critical Heat Flux (CHF) Test Facility, the full scale CANDU fuel simulation, and various other thermal hydraulic facilities were discussed along with their impacts on the nuclear industry both locally and internationally. Stern Laboratories Inc. continues to strive to provide quality products and services in support of safe, low carbon nuclear energy in Canada and looks forward to working with the industry to develop new Small Modular Reactor (SMR) technology in Canada.

Todd Smith · (Twitter Post)

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Pictured Above from left to right: Shoshana Pasternik (Deputy Director of Policy), Brendan Simons (Manager, Stern Labs), Gordon Hadaller (President, Stern Labs), Todd Smith (Minister of Energy), Jay Snell (Manager, Stern Labs), Richard Van Lochem (Manager, Stern Labs), Chris Warren (Director of Strategic Initiatives), Dominic Roszak (Deputy Chief of Staff and Director of Stakeholder Relations)


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Pictured Above: Richard Van Lochem discussing the construction of a simulated nuclear fuel test assembly.


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Pictured Above: Brendan Simons discussing Stern Labs ICFD Removal Tool System


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Pictured Above: Jay Snell discussing Stern Labs flow meter calibration testing


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Pictured Above: Gordon Hadaller discussing Stern Labs full scale CANDU fuel simulation

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