What does Stern Laboratories do? / What does Stern Laboratories have to offer?

The laboratory specializes in the design and construction of complex experimental facilities and devices to simulate CANDU, BWR and PWR heat transport systems, safety systems, reactor fuel and fuel channel components, conducting the experiments and analyzing and reporting the results. Highly specialized computing hardware and software are available for precise control of the experimental conditions and for high speed, accurate acquisition and reduction of the data. The laboratory facilities are continually being upgraded to meet the diverse needs of customers. Space and services are readily available for new experiments. The results are treated confidentially and our reports address customer objectives in a lucid and straight-forward manner.

What is Stern Laboratories Quality Assurance Program?

We have a comprehensive quality assurance program in place to meet applicable requirements of various quality standards including 10CFR50 Appendix B, NQA-1 and applicable elements of CSA N286-05, CSA Z299.2 and CSA N286.2 Clause 6.

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Are there any special considerations Stern Laboratories makes when quoting a job?

Cost is always a primary consideration, and expenditures and progress are monitored to ensure the best value for our customers. Engineers with many years of experience in the design of successful experimental programs, including the construction and operation of experimental equipment, are available for consultation and to provide realistic proposals for your work, showing how, when, and at what cost we can meet your requirements.

Do you have any special licensing or certifications?

We are licensed by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) to possess and store customer owned, sealed natural Uranium fuel bundles for use in customer contracts and we hold a Certificate of Authorization from the Technical Safety Standards Authority (TSSA) to manufacture Pressure Vessels and Power Piping, primarily for use in the laboratory.